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Incredible life-like training dummy for intense, realistic and professional workouts. Extra tough and durable triple-ply synthetic leather for round after round of precision throws, strikes, jabs, straight punches, angle shots, hooks, uppercuts, kicks, knee strikes, takedowns, submission holds, chokes, ground-and-pound training and much, much more.

Weights (Sizes): 70 lbs. (64" Tall) 90 lbs. (68" Tall) 120 lbs. (72" Tall)140 lbs. (76" Tall)

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: 1+ years

    Pros: Great for throwing practice. Takes the uke duty out of teaching

    Cons: Not very good for armbars

    Comments: Very sturdy. Great for ground and pound practice. Top notch for throwing practice. I have 4 sizes including the kids size. The kids absolutely love working with the 30lb and 50lb dummies. 70lb size will do for most adults. The 120lb size is great for adults over 6 feet tall.

    (Posted on 11/6/2015)

  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: 1+ years

    Pros: Armbars, leglock and ground n pound

    Cons: Too cumbersome

    Comments: Get the two lighter ones. the 140lb is too heavy.

    (Posted on 10/8/2013)