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 Full length top with extra wide zipper opens to an ample storage compartment for all your equipment, apparel and much more. Two wide mesh insert zippered side pockets and a bottom liner zippered pocket makes for ample storage possibilities. Two padded shoulder straps are easily removable and conveniently tuck into a zippered pocket when not in back pack mode. Totally new design and concept creates a super sport bag and back pack, all in one. Tough Denier nylon with seatbelt nylon carry handles, padded removable shoulder strap and intricate embroidery, appliqué and high color screens.

Size: 30" x 15" x 15"

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: 6 - 12 months

    Pros: This is the bag I have been looking for storing and transporting my Muai Thai gear and my Jiu Jitsu uniform to and from class. I can fit in 16 oz gloves, shin guards, face mask, cup and a uniform. Granted it gets very close to capacity, but with some clever packing, it all fits! The side compartments, I throw my dirty rash guards and shirt on one side, and I put wipes, glasses case and mouth guard in the other. I'm very happy with this item and even better, I got it on sale. It also has a backpack option for ease of transport carry.

    Cons: My main gripe is with the plastic zipper. Sometimes the track separates after the bag is zipped up. It's not that big a deal since I just manually put them back together and then work the zipper so that it zips up properly. I haven't yet used it in backpack mode, but since the zipper closing is faced to the ground, I worry about the zipper track separating and me dropping clothing items and/or equipment while walking.

    Comments: Despite the very minor drawbacks, this is a very good option for transporting ones gear to and from your local gym/school.

    (Posted on 4/1/2017)

  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: Less than a week

    Pros: The bag is designed well. The bag is spacious and is big enough to hold two 16 oz boxing gloves, head gear, wrestling knee pads, wrestling shoes, jump rope, three hand/wist wraps (2 x 180s and 1 x 108s), BJJ Gi, change of clothes, towel, tub of protein, shake holder, and room to fit more stuff! It is conveniently made and perfect because not only is it a duffle bag it can be easily converted to have shoulder straps and worn like a backback. Either position, whether worn like a backpack or duffel bag, the feel of the bag is comfortable. The look of the bag is appealing, feels and looks sturdy.

    Cons: Please note that the cons are only through careful examination - A couple of VERY minor cons, but can be easily be overlooked because the bag is designed well. The main (big) zipper sticks when it is zipped to the very end and does not unzip easily. This is only the first couple teeth, but once it is passed the first teeth of the zipper it zips easily. And just picking at it, there is a mesh compartment inside on the bottom of the bag (if looking at it from a duffel bag position), seems like it would be more efficient if it were placed on the side of the inside of the bag. Not a big deal though it does not change the functions and purpose of the compartment.

    Comments: Overall, this bag is PHENOMENAL! I would defnitely buy this bag again. The design is great, the feel is great, the bag is visually appealing, and the price is wonderful. This is the PERFECT bag for any martial artist with a bunch of gear necessary to achieve greatness. And to top things off, Tittle MMA shipped this item quick, fast, and in a hurry. I am extremely satisfied with this bag.

    (Posted on 12/6/2014)

  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: Less than a month

    Pros: Solid construction in regards to stitching and handles, gigantic zipper almost seems comical but adds a cool look to it, Other than the main bag itself it boasts some DEEEEP side and interior pockets, the entire bag can hold- a set of 16 oz. boxing gloves, 2 sets of 180" wraps, supplements (30 count bottle of Alpha Brain, 30 count bottle of Shroom tech sport, 60 serving C4 pre-work out can, protein powder packets and a shaker), shin guards, jump rope, towel, surf shorts, flip flops, a sweater and still has enough room to fit a cat.

    Cons: Gigantic zipper closes towards the bottom when converted into a backpack. I find myself checking behind me if anything fell out but that hasn't happened yet- Nothing that a 99 cent carabiner can fix.


    (Posted on 8/18/2014)