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TITLE Sculpted Thermo Foam Punch Mitts

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A revolutionary, high-tech, strategically variegated, inner-dispersed raised foam technology that maximizes an incredibly light weight, protective, powerful, resilient, air channel release, precision layout Thermo Foam training series crafted for athletes and trainers of all skill levels. Sculpted Thermo Foam® precision placement allows a thicker, more protective, full coverage inner foam without adding additional weight or bulk. A masterful combination of durable synthetic leather, dura-sheen PU foam cover, buckskin semi-suede and nylon mesh insets for cutting-edge punching mitts you will instantly become a loyal fan of. Open fingertip back hand compartment with 3” wrist pad for a comfortable, secure, cooler and drier training session. Moisture-wicking inside liner with a half ball palm grip for a professional experience every time. If you relish revolutionary, cutting-edge technology that will take your game to the highest level, you will instantly become a fan of the Sculpted Thermo Foam® equipment.
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