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Under Armour Braces Mouthguard

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The UA Braces mouthguard with ArmourFit™ material provides provide protection, safety and custom fit specifically for braces wearers. The UA Braces mouthguard molds around your dental appliance, and can be re-fit, which is ideal, particularly after braces adjustments. The UA Braces athletic mouthguard is microwaveable, boilable and re-fittable, provides a dentist-like fit, is highly chew resistant and allows for easy breathing and speaking while competing in contact sports.


Patented ArmourFit™ material

  • ArmourFit™ material molds to teeth for protection and comfort
  • Molds around dental appliance and can be re-fit to keep up with braces and adjustments
  • Designed specifically for braces wearers

Boilable, Microwavable & Re-fittable

  • The only mouthguard that can be boiled or microwaved to fit
  • Can be re-fit if necessary
  • The most innovative mouthguard material available today

Chew Resistant

  • Mouthguard will not break down after excessive chewing nor will saliva or water deteriorate the material – highly durable


  • 45 seconds Microwave or 30 seconds easy boil and bite for custom-like fit
  • Latex Free
  • Meets NFHS rules
  • Available in two sizes: Youth (Up to Age 11) and Adult (Age 12+)
  • Made in USA
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