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Training Tips

Easy Ways to Use a Slipping Cord AT HOME!

The slipping cord isn't just for the gym! It can be mounted in your own home as well! Here are some ideas on how you can mount a slipping cord in your own home!

Boxing Workout at Home | 6 TIPS

Most fighters consider their boxing gym to be their second home. However, sometimes our home away from home closes its doors - leaving us to stretch our imaginations and come up with new ways to stay fight ready. TITLE Boxing is dedicated to servicing fighters in every aspect of their lives and careers. That's why we have been tirelessly engineering new training tools that can be used ANYWHERE.

How to Wrap Hands

Ever wanted to see the most perfectly-executed, quickest handwrap ever?! This might be it! Watch how to wrap your hands fast by Nacho Saucedo from Westside Boxing.

Suspension Training with Mike Gillette

Mike Gillette lays out how to use the TITLE Suspension Training System in your workouts.

Battle Ropes with Mike Gillette

Mike Gillette takes us through the best ways to use the battle ropes and also the power, strength and endurance benefits of training with them.

How to Wrap Your Hands

Trainer Romulo Quirarte, Jr. and super lightweight contender Juan Pablo

Speed Bag For Beginners

TITLE Boxing's Douglas Ward takes a beginner through the progression of how to use a speed bag.

How To Jump Rope for Boxing

Jumping rope is a staple of the boxer's workout. Watch the video to learn the basics of jumping rope and how you can maximize your cardio in the gym.

Punching with Padman

Here are some tips from Padman, legendary mitt man from Philadelphia who appears in Creed and who has worked with some of the best in the game. Coaches/trainers listen up!

The Components of a Champion

Become a more complete fighter with these boxing training tips and you'll be on your way to becoming a champion, not just a contender.

How to Use a Body Protector

TITLE's own Douglas Ward lays out his 3 favorite drills to incorporate a body protector into workouts. These drills teach a fighter to focus on ripping the body while also improving footwork and defensive skills.

Medicine Ball Drills

Marcos Flaco Ramirez, former WBO NABO and IBF Latino Featherweight champion, takes TITLE through the top 3 medicine ball drills he has his fighters do.

10 Agility Ladder Exercises

TITLE Boxing's Rudy Paredes demonstrates 10 great exercises to do on the agility ladder for enhanced performance and help you be lighter on your feet.

Working the Mitts

TITLE Boxing's Marketing Director Douglas Ward gives tips on how to make sure your sessions with fighters are productive and useful.

Training with Resistance Bands

TITLE's Douglas Ward lays out the tools boxers today should be using to ensure they're getting the most out of their resistance training.

TITLE Suspension Training System

Check out the TITLE Suspension Training System to turn any workout into a complex, highly demanding exercise.

Strength & Conditioning Training

TITLE's own Doug Ward brings you 8 tips you can use in the gym to help you box better.

How to Wrap Hands

Doug Ward shows the proper way to wrap your hands. Learn about the proper technique as well as the theory behind proper wrapping.

Mix It Up with a Medicine Ball

Douglas Ward shows the different ways you can use a medicine ball, specifically using it as a target in training, the old school way.

3 Advanced Speed Bag Tips

TITLE's Douglas Ward lays out 3 training tips for upping your workouts on the speed bag.

How to Replace a Speed Bag and Double End Bag Bladder

TITLE's Douglas Ward shows how to easily replace the bladders in speed bags and double end bags if necessary.