TITLE Boxing: The Best In Boxing Footwear



Choosing TITLE Boxing Shoes

TITLE Boxing has quickly become the leader in the boxing shoe industry. Why? Because boxing is where our focus is every single day and we understand the demands of the sport from the ground up.

 There are several components that create a superior boxing show. Here’s the breakdown:

 First, are the UPPER BODY MATERIALS: Most of TITLE’s boxing shoes combine synthetic leather for support in the joints, mesh upper panels for breathability and suede fabrics for support where it’s needed most. They are also constructed with TPU or Thermoplastic materials. These are lightweight and don’t retain sweat, which over rounds can add water weight that you don’t want to be carrying around the ring. This advantage translates into foot speed and more fluid movement.

 Traditional leather shoes are not ideal when it comes to boxing. Leather is porous, heavier, and it takes on water weight and that can slow you down. On the other hand, synthetic leathers and mesh are designed to be more water resistant, breathable and are lighter weight fabrics. They weigh less from the onset and allow you to be (and stay) lighter on your feet from the first round to the last.

 The next important feature is the SOLE: Traction on canvas or vinyl ring covers is crucial to being able to move effectively and change direction quickly. The soles have to be tacky for gripping, but not sticky. They also need to be bouncy and resilient to respond and make fast movements.

 With that in mind, it’s important know that most of TITLE’s shoe soles contain a blend of two types of Polybutadiene and a high percentage of Natural Gum Rubber. The Natural Gum provides an organic, “bouncy” characteristic, while the Polybutadiene blend adds stability, longevity and durability. Together, this unique combination of natural and synthetic rubbers offers the best resistance to wear and holds up longer under the strenuous conditions that boxing requires.

 In the end, it’s about providing a complete package of looks, brawn and brains... meaning, shoes that are stylish, durable and are well thought out.

 At TITLE, we’ve taken ALL of this into consideration, incorporated it into ALL of our current designs and THAT’S why we’ve become THE BEST when it comes to boxing shoes.