High-Top Boxing Shoes

Traditional-style, full-height boxing shoes provide the greatest amount of coverage, all of the way up the mid-calf. The added height provides more support throughout, but also presents a timeless, classic-looking boxing shoe. Originally popular amongst old-school fighters, the high-top boxing shoe still makes a distinctive fashion statement and performs in a way that never goes out of style.

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Boxing shoes have become as much of a fashion statement as they are a primary piece of a fighter’s standard gear, which is why they come in such a wide variety of styles, heights, and designs.

Most men’s boxing shoes in the past were taller, high-top shoes. These are meant to provide greater support around the ankles and calves. The additional height also helps stabilize a fighter’s foundation and provides an added sense of security for some.

TITLE Boxing shoes come in all height variations to suit different preferences and fighting styles. Although any style will work, athletes with shorter legs tend to gravitate more towards low top or mid-top shoes. For example, low or mid-top cuts work best as boxing shoes for women and kids. No TITLE Boxing shoes are made specifically as women’s or men’s boxing shoes, but some naturally provide a more suitable fit based on overall height, length of legs, or foot width.

When choosing the style or height of your boxing shoes, convenience should also be a consideration. Although they provide some added support, high-tops usually take a little bit longer to lace-up than low or mid-top shoes do. Some fighters consider that an inconvenience, while others don’t mind.

In training, as well as in the ring, a fighter should be aware that every gear choice they make can add or take away from their performance. Women’s or men’s boxing shoes can play an important role in how they move, their endurance, and their ability to execute a game plan.

Consider all factors that make up a boxing shoe, including materials, construction, design, or height, as this will ultimately impact the outcome.

Choose your shoes thoughtfully, weighing your personal preference, and, most importantly, which one is going to help you get your job done.

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