Low-Top Boxing Shoes

Some fighters and coaches adhere to the belief that the less you carry into the ring with you, the more efficient you will be. If a fighter comes in leaner from the onset, it allows them to be, and stay, lighter on their feet from the first round to the last. Low-top boxing shoes for men and and women give you support, traction, and flexible soles, without any excess frills weighing you down.

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While every fighter needs good, quality boxing shoes before they get in the ring, individual preferences allow for a wide range of styles.

High and mid-top shoes provide a bit more support, but low-top boxing shoes allow for the most freedom of movement. They require the least amount of material to construct, which makes them lighter weight and easier to move around the ring in.

Low-top boxing shoes were originally made popular because Jack Dempsey and later Mike Tyson both wore low-top black boxing shoes when they were fighting. They’ve remained popular for the same reasons. They project a simplistic air of confidence and a no-nonsense approach to the ring.

Even if they’re not, particularly, black boxing shoes, low-tops of all colors still present a minimalistic approach to entering the ring only with exactly what you need. No more. No less.

You should also be taking your individual fighting style and physical build into consideration when deciding on a specific height or design.

High-top boxing shoes usually work better for fighters with longer, slimmer legs. Some high-top boxing shoes for men don’t fit as well because some men tend to have thicker calves, which makes low-tops a more logical choice. On the other hand, low-top shoes don’t work as well for some taller, more slender fighters because they don’t provide enough ankle support and coverage of their calves.

There are many factors to think about when considering what boxing shoes will work best for you, whether it’s just working out, training for a fight, or competing. Height, construction, and design need to reflect your personal style, but also fit your needs as a boxer. It’s not just about how they look on you, but more importantly, how they complement your fighting style in the ring.


This depends on user preference. If you prefer a little more ankle protection you probably want to opt for a mid or high-top boot. If you prefer your boot to be less restrictive, the low-top is probably best for you.

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