Boxing Terms : Bob & Weave


How To Bob and Weave

Bob and Weave: When a fighter moves his upper body in an up-and-down motion, making him more difficult to time correctly.

Bobbing and weaving is one the most basic defensive maneuvers in boxing, but extremely effective nonetheless. Mike Tyson and Joe Frazier were masters at bobbing and weaving! If you’re a shorter pressure fighter then you must learn how to perform this technique effectively because it allows you to get on the inside of taller opponents.

Step 1:
When you’re getting within range of your opponent, keep both hands up and keep your eyes on your opponent’s face/chest. This allows you to easily spot their arm movements.

Step 2: As soon as a punch to being throw, quickly bend at the knees (NOT AT YOUR WAIST), move your head (in a V-like shape) to the outside of the punch. You must remember to keep your weight centered at all times!

Example: If your opponent throws a left hook- drop down and move your head to your right side to be on the outside of his punch. The "V-like" motion isn't always necessary. Usually, if you drop your knees correctly, you’ll end up on the outside of your opponent’s punch anyways, if he commits to the punch.

Step 3: When coming back up, don’t fully stand. You should be still have your eyes fixated on your opponent’s chest level and your hands up. If your opponent is throwing fast combinations- stay in bobbing motion.

If you’ve done it correctly, your opponent will be wide open for a counter lead hook or cross, depending on how close you are.

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