The Core of a Fighter

How to develop your midsection and combat against body shots.

As a fighter, your midsection is not only a target, but is also instrumental in how effectively you deliver punches. Your core can be broken down into four sections that all play a significant role in your total boxing barricade.

Your TRANSVERSE muscles lay at the center of your core and are the deepest ab muscles. They are positioned close to your internal organs and wrap around your spine for extra stability.  You will never see them in the mirror, but they help you rotate on your shots and roll under punches.

Target this muscle group: Side tosses with a Rubber Slam Ball are a perfect way to reinforce rotating on punches and engaging your entire upper body Inca full range of motion.

Next are your INTERNAL OBLIQUES. These run along your side to help support and balance your entire core. They also add stability to your stance when blocking punches. 

Target this muscle group: The Ab Wheel or Power Wheel are fantastic for developing this muscle group. Planks also work great as a natural body movement exercise.

The EXTERNAL OBLIQUE muscles run the entire length of your abdomen, along the side and front, and aid in twisting movements. Effectively turning on your punches and rotating your hips are important moves supported by this muscle group. They also help defend against punches that come around your elbows.

Target this muscle group: Medicine Balls and side twists are a great exercise for building these muscles.

The set of RECTUS muscles are positioned directly in front of your abdomen and help with forward and backward movements. When you step into your jab, move in or out of range, these are the muscles you are relying on. These are also where the majority of body shots are aimed for.  They make up the infamous “Six Pack.”

Target this muscle group: Basic sit-ups with a Medicine Ball, crunches and leg raises help develop these muscles to their fullest potential. 

Setting a goal for those six-pack abs is a good start. Even better is to start digging deeper and creating an abdominal wall that no can walk through.