Decisive Point



There is a term used in battle and in business that also applies to boxing.  It’s called Decisive Point.  Whether it’s on the battlefield or across the boardroom table, it refers to the moment during negotiations, conflict or war when victory is certain.

In boxing it is that instance where you see your opponent begin to falter or his body position weakens.  He becomes content to languish on the ropes longer than he should or he stays on the defensive and stops firing back, at least with any real intent to make a fight out of it.  His punches lack commitment and are thrown with a half-hearted intent to land.  It’s at this point that his body wants to give out.  His heart wants to give in.  His head wants to give up.  The only thing that's keeping him hanging in there is a thin thread of pride.  The question then is - does he quit or do you cut the thread?  That's the Decisive Point in the ring.

That's also the time to step on the gas and turn up the heat.  When the ten seconds of the round are sounded, pour on the pressure and send your opponent back to his corner with a little more of an excuse not to come back out for the next round.  Deep down, he wants a definitive reason to call it a night.  If you learn to recognize when that breaking point has come, you can cut the festivities short and make it a little easier on both of you.

That is also the time when your killer instinct has to kick in. You shouldn't be content to coast to a win, even if it is largely uncontested.  You can't make a silent agreement with your opponent to change the fight into a sparring session.  First of all, the fans expect more, you deserve better and earning the win, not letting your opponent hand it to you, will be much more rewarding.  Plus, compromising is an attribute you don't want to foster and feed.  It will become a habit.  To choose the easy way out, the path of least resistance, isn’t something you want to start doing in the ring.  Instead, resolve yourself to put on more pressure and give your opponent a reason to resign.  Your heightened amount of determination will help him find a nice, soft spot on the canvas to lie down.

The Decisive Point is a moment in combat where your opponent determines to find a way to lose with dignity and the moment in time you need to decide to be the fighter who doesn't compromise victory.  Go get what's yours.  Whether that's the win, a world title or just respect, there comes a time when you just have to take charge.  The boxing ring is the one place you shouldn't expect to be given anything.  You can't expect to be handed a win, earn a decision or be awarded a victory.  Taking what's yours is the only outcome you can really count on and many times it’s just a decision away.

Doug Ward is the President and Trainer for the Underground Boxing Company.