The Fundamentals Of Footwork



Good footwork isn’t only about movement, but begins by providing a solid foundation for you to build your boxing arsenal on.


PLACEMENT: Your feet should be slightly more than shoulder width apart. Less than that and you will likely be off-balance. More, and you will have trouble shifting your weight properly and won’t be capable of generating any power.


BALANCE: Your weight should be evenly distributed between your right and left side, with a greater emphasis placed on the balls of your feet.


POSITIONING: Both feet should be placed at a 45 degree angle to generate maximum leverage when driving off your back toe.


EXECUTION: Each time you punch, your weight should be shifting from side to side so that you are using the momentum of your body mass to create power.


MOVEMENT: Never cross your feet and when you are moving, try to maintain a consistent amount of distance every time you step. Always return to your basic boxing stance.


INTENT: Move with purpose and commitment, otherwise your are uselessly wasting energy. 


MOTION: Step, dance and use purposeful angles to get the competitive edge when it comes to footwork. Anything else is just movement. Make every action count.