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Setting Up a Speed Bag

1. Assembling the platform. Mount the chrome speed bag swivel with the four 1-5/8” bolts, washers and lock nuts provided to the bottom side middle of the round wooden board. The bottom side of the board is the side that will face down and be the side that you actually hit the speed bag against when working out. The bottom side of the board has four pilot holes drilled for mounting the swivel in the middle, and four inset bolt head holes for mounting the board to the metal V-frame.
2. Next attach the metal V-Frame to the top of the round wooden board with the four 2-3/8” flat head bolts, washers and nuts.
3. Determine the ideal height for hanging the platform. The average height to hang the wooden platform is 6’ high (72”). This allows the speed bag to hang at ideal height for average adults. The platform adjusts vertically 21”, so you can determine your ideal height to hang the angled wall braces to adjust up and down for your particular needs or users.
4. Attach the two 20” length angled back wall braces to your desired wall with the cutout rails facing inwards, 21” on center from the attachment holes on the top and bottom, with the wall mounting hardware included (4 lag screws and 4 plastic expanding masonry anchors). Use a level to make sure you have the wall mount rails evenly. You will need to drill pilot holes into your wall or brace boards first. If attaching to a wood stud wall, you will need to first attach two horizontal brace boards into the wood studs to securely support the platform. For attaching to masonry walls, you will need to also use the expanding plastic anchors included.
5. Attach the speed bag platform -- with the metal V-frame on top and the swivel on the bottom side -- to the insides of the two vertical angled wall mounts with the Red spring loaded bolt fasteners on the outside. Pull the Red metal handles out and back to continue tightening he Red spring loaded bolt fasteners (with ratchet action). Secure all four spring loaded bolts and tighten where you have the platform to the desired height. The Red spring loaded bolts can be tucked behind the angled wall brackets after tightening by pulling out and down.
• Make sure to use at least two people to assemble and hang the speed bag platform.
• Always use two adults to adjust the height of the platform.
• Check the four Red spring loaded bolts for secure tightness before every use, as the vibration from workouts on the speed bag platform can loosen these over time.
• Always consult a physician before beginning any workout and exercise program.
• It is recommended that you always use hand wraps and well-padded gloves every time you use the speed bag.