Skipping rope is one of the oldest, most beneficial aspects of a boxing workout because it’s simple to perform and is one of the best stamina building exercises you can do in the gym. According to the Cooper Aerobic Institute, 15 minutes on the jump rope is the cardiovascular equivalent to 30 minutes of running. In addition to the aerobic benefits, jumping rope strengthens all of your leg muscles; your ankles, your calves, all of which play a crucial part in your footwork and movement in the ring.

Here are some quick tips for using your jump rope properly:

First, measure the ideal length of a jump rope for you by stepping on the center of it with both feet. The ends of the handles should reach your armpits.

Next, pick a rope that has some weight to it, but is not slow. A little density and a good ball bearing-design will add to the speed you can rotate it at.

Only jump high enough to clear the rope – about one inch. Rotate the rope quickly. Skipping rope is not meant to be a leisurely exercise.

For the greatest benefit, keep your knees bent and keep your legs moving constantly. This can improve your ring movement.

Remember to land on the balls of your feet and do not let your heels touch except; for variations on the basic skill.

Lastly, always keep your elbows to your sides and close to your body. Do not let your forearms drift out away or it will shorten the rotation and you’ll miss the skip. Use your wrists to rotate the rope.

Sometimes the basics can be taken for granted, but jumping rope has tremendous value before, during or after your workout. It is one boxing fundamental you do not want to “skip.”