Choosing Boxing Gloves

One of the most common questions we get at TITLE Boxing is how to choose the right boxing glove. This can be a tricky question because the fit and feel of a boxing glove is mostly based on your own personal preferences. Consider these factors when choosing your next pair of gloves.

1. THE FIT A glove should slide on without a ton of effort and struggling. You shouldn’t have to force your hand in the glove. It should be snug and firm, but not tight. There should be room for wraps and it shouldn’t put any pressure on your knuckles as you make a fist. It should feel comfortable within the glove.

2. FLEXIBILITY You should have enough movement in your hand to be able to easily catch and open your palm as well as easily close it. So, it shouldn’t be restrictive at all.

3. IS IT ANATOMICALLY CORRECT? It should have a natural fit to it. No area should be cramped or constricted or force your hand in any position that doesn’t feel right. We also like for it to be pre-curved so it encourages you to make a tight fist.

4. PADDING There should be an adequate enough padding for bag gloves or sparring gloves. Bag gloves are typically denser and sparring gloves are typically softer. In either case, you should be able to hit the bag or spar with them without feeling it in your knuckles. You should never bottom out in a glove when you make contact.

5. ADJUSTABILITY Whether it’s lace or hook-and-loop, the closure should provide a secure, custom fit. You should feel additional wrist support when they’re nice and secured.

6. BREATHABILITY We prefer a mesh palm or a soft lining that dries easily. It’ll allow the gloves to last longer and they’ll be more comfortable.

7. WEIGHT Pick a size or weight that best suits your needs. A heavier glove provides more padding and weight and is made more for power punching. A lighter glove, in most cases, will have less padding and lends itself to speed work.

In the end, the right glove for you is the one you feel best about in feel and performance. Although it can seem a little intimidating, the best thing is that your selections to choose from are massive. You have a nearly limitless number of options to choose from. There are hundreds of different styles, from designs to color combinations to types of construction. With time and experience, you'll discover your own preferences for the perfect pair of boxing gloves.