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Although they originally hit it big due to the running fad that caught on in the US in the early seventies, Nike made their introduction into the boxing world through a unique product placement in one of the most iconic boxing films ever.

After moviegoers saw Sylvester Stallone wearing a pair in Rocky 3, the demand for Nike Boxing Shoes became evident.

These one-of-a-kind Nike Boxing Shoes first appeared when Rocky came up against Clubber Lang, and the eye-catching black and gold leather shoes took on an unexpected supporting role. Then towards the end of the film, a similar white pair of Nike Boxing Shoes with a red swoosh were back on the screen when Rocky regained his title from Clubber. With that, a new boxing star was born.

Nike Boxing Shoes caught on with legitimate fighters and they quickly became a leader in the industry. Like their running shoes previously, the boxing shoes Nike began making available to the public were of superior quality and style to any of its predecessors. Nike was already a well-known brand, but their appearance in the Rocky franchise and popularity as a cross-over star made them more highly sought after than ever before. The boxing shoes Nike introduced had immediate brand appeal, name recognition and an already well-established reputation in the sports world.

Several of boxing’s biggest athletes began wearing Nike Boxing Shoes, but they reached another level of success when Roy Jones became one of their highest profile sponsored athletes, sporting the first ever Air Jordan inspired boxing shoes. Of course, later Andre Ward could be seen in his own custom Air Jordan’s and Manny Pacquiao made the Nike Machomai and HyperKOs famous.

Although they are not the only major footwear manufacturers to throw their hat into the ring, Nike Boxing Shoes remain one of the major players in style and function.


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