What Type of Heavy Bag Should I Buy?



How To Choose A Heavy Bag

Heavy bags come in so many different materials, sizes and configurations that it's tough for some boxers or coaches to narrow the field down enough to decide which one is best for them.

To help in your decision-making process, you have to know two things: First, how much do you weigh and, second, what type of opponent do you want your heavy bag to be?

The first question is somewhat self-explanatory. Because you will always be fighting an opponent who is about the same size/weight as you are, you want your heavy bag to simulate that. This provides a more realistic “opponent” in the gym. Having said that, it's also beneficial to have a heavy bag significantly BIGGER than you to work on power punching, strength and physical endurance. Working with a bag that outweighs you by a decent amount increases the physical demands and provides you with a target that offers greater resistance. You will have to hit it harder to move it or even put a dent in it.

Since the size of the heavy bag also affects movement, that brings you to the second question you should ask yourself when shopping for a heavy bag…what type of opponent do I want my heavy bag to be? Obviously, some opponents move more, while others stand right in front of you. A lighter bag will swing more and provide you with an opponent who is more of a boxer and mover, while a heavier bag won’t swing as much. It will then represent more of an inside fighter or brawler, who doesn’t move backwards or box much. He will be there to bang with.

Aside from weight, another thing that affects the movement of your heavy bag is how the bag is hung. Mounted from a taller ceiling with a longer chain and your bag will swing more. This allows you to step around it, close the distance and counter the bag's movements. On the other hand, hanging your heavy bag from a shorter chain will make it swing less. This forces you to work harder to move the bag, it doesn't "give ground." Less movement and more resistance encourages you to throw more punches, the same as a heavier bag.

A final consideration is the type of material. There are countless options of man-made materials, synthetics and genuine leather. Contrary to popular belief, one isn't necessarily more durable than the other. Leather has traditionally been considered "longer-lasting" than synthetic leather or reinforced vinyl, but technology has come so far in producing higher-grade synthetics that durability has become more debatable. Quality can be found in a number of materials…so more than what it’s made of, who you’re buying it from may be a better gauge.

Other than those key elements, what heavy bag is right for you, depends on you. Once you've determined your goals, the decision becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

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