Weighted Gloves

Incorporating weighted gloves into your training routine strengthens your arms, back, and shoulders and improves your punching endurance. They instill a feeling of being “heavy-handed”, which carries over into the ring and increases your punching power. The added load required to move that extra weight taxes your muscular and cardiovascular systems and means that you get more out of everything you train for!

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One of the best training tools for building upper body, cardiovascular, and muscular strength is using boxing gloves with weights inside of them. Not only does wearing them create a greater demand while doing mitt and bag work, but they also help instill better delivery of your punches. When most of the weight is positioned at the end of the punch, you land harder shots and get used to the feeling of connecting with power. It is also more difficult to punch incorrectly because you must get your body weight into moving the heavier gloves and following through with each punch.

Some styles of weighted punching gloves have additional weight designed into them and can be added on over hand wraps. These are more suited for warming up and shadowboxing, rather than punching a bag.

Other types have weights that you can add to or take away to change the difficulty level. Each weight sits in its individual pocket so you can use as many or as few of them as you desire.

Weighted punching gloves, where you can control how much or how little weight you add, offer a great amount of flexibility, and uses. When using boxing gloves with weights you can vary the demands and add highly beneficial variety to your workout. Change forces your muscles to adapt and diversifies the requirements on your body. Weighted gloves are a simple, but fantastic, way to reach a new physical plateau by taking your muscles and cardiovascular system beyond your normal routine.

After training with boxing gloves with weights for a few rounds, and then going back to a standard ounce glove will make the rest of your rounds feel easy. Boxing gloves with weights allow you to push yourself harder, while performing the main exercises you need to do. This makes them the best way to incorporate part of your strength and conditioning training into your regular boxing workout.

The additional weight means you get more benefit from everything you do in the gym and gets you one step closer to harnessing that punching power you want so badly.

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