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A boxer’s ability begins by having the proper foundation and, although the shoes won’t make you more talented, or skillful they do add the type of stability needed to move properly in and around the ring.

Boxing boots range in style, design, and construction, because everyone is built differently, moves differently, and prefers different types of comfort or support. In all cases, your boxing shoes should fit right and give you a stable base to build from.

Whether it’s boxer shoes for men or ones for women, they all utilize a variety of revolutionary materials, designed to make your lighter on your feet, well supported, and comfortable.

To maximize speed, suede and mesh materials make up most of the body and upper portions of each shoe. The lighter weight construction of TITLE boxing boots allows for faster footwork and the ability to change directions quickly.

While some boxer shoes for men tend to be bulky and over complicated, the more simplistic the design, the less likely they will weigh you down, especially as the rounds progress.

That is why the sole of the shoe is such a crucial factor in every boxing shoe design. For optimal performance, they should be just the right combination of having good traction, but still allow for full mobility. A good sole is also flexible, yet durable enough to rely on as rounds progress. That goes for training as well as throughout the course of a fight.

All shoes, as they relate to boxer shoes for men, women’s boxing shoes or boxing shoes for kids, should be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time. The amount of pressure put on any type of boxing boots, from side-to-side movements, pivoting, pressing forward or dancing backwards, requires the most reliable footwear you can find.

How a fighter equips themselves and doing it properly is part of their job. It starts from the beginning, from the ground up, doing it correctly every step of the way.


We recommend a snug fit so that your foot can slide around in the shoe. A thin sole is also a good idea so that you don’t snag the canvas as you move laterally in the ring. If you have a need for additional ankle support, we recommend a high-top boot. Above all else, make sure your feet are comfortable and supported in the shoe, so your feet don’t hurt in the later rounds.

This is more user preference; however high-top boxing shoes typically provide more ankle support than low or mid.

We do but not in every style so you would have to look at the shoe you are interested in and see if the size you need is offered. If it is not on the website we do not have it. Our youth sizes start at a 1 which is typically suitable for the average 7-year old child.

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