Punching Bags

Punching bags have been around for over a century and are a key element in most boxing and combat sports training routines.  The boxing bags you see today, speed bags, double end bags, and various shapes of heavy bags, have all evolved over time, yet all types of punch bags are designed to improve performance in specific areas. 

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TITLE Boxing features the best selection of punching bags from traditional heavy bags, full-length Thai heavy bags, uppercut heavy bags, water-filled heavy bags, boxing bags, wall mount heavy bags, freestanding heavy bags, heavy bag stands and hangers, speed bags, speed bag platforms, double end bags, and every accessory available to complete your punching bag demands. Brands featuring TITLE Boxing, Fighting, Pro Mex, Rival, Adidas, Century, and more.

Speed bags are great for developing faster reflexes and accuracy. Smaller bags are best for enhancing quickness, while larger versions can improve your punching endurance, and ability to keep your hands up.

Double end bags help improve timing and defense. Their responsiveness also places a greater emphasis on movement.

Traditional heavy bags improve power and combination punching. They tend to be more stationary, which allows you to land more often and place your punches more effectively.

If you use any type of punch bag on a regular basis, you understand the enormous benefits that come from the wider range of styles and have a variety of boxing bags as part of your workout.

When you’re just beginning, using a boxing bag can be intimidating, but TITLE Boxing has several resources you can use to become more knowledgeable on any style of punching bag you see in the gym.

Numerous articles, explain what type of boxing bag is good for what can be found on our Blog. Simply type “punching bags” into the search bar and you will see an assortment of topics covered.

Another great resource for using any style of boxing bag is on our, YouTube Channel where you can watch nearly any of the punching bags we offer, in action.

Above all, it’s important to remember that any TITLE Boxing bag you dedicate time to, can help you improve your technique, endurance, and skill when you approach it correctly.