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“Protect yourselves at all times” is paramount in all boxing and MMA training and competition. TITLE Boxing has you completely covered with the greatest selection of hand wraps, speed wraps, headgear, mouth guards, groin protectors, shin guards, body protectors, tape, and gauze, plus a full line of women’s and youth protective gear. Do not risk a setback with inferior protection or coverage. Whether it’s for training, sparring or amateur and professional competition, TITLE Boxing is your only source for the widest array of top-quality safety equipment and gear.
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There are several characteristics to consider when looking at different types of protective boxing gear. Two of the most important types of TITLE Boxing protective gear are groin protectors and head gear. For both to be most effective, they need to fulfill your individual needs and fit properly.

In terms of groin protection, there are three styles to choose from.

Groin/Ab protectors simply cover the groin and lower abs. They provide a minimal amount of protection but are also the least restrictive. These are designed to fit easily beneath all types of trunks. This also makes them ideal for amateurs or youth due to their compact design and simplistic fit.

Deluxe Groin/Hips are similar but offer moderate protection of the hips. They are designed to wrap around your sides to help absorb punches to the hips, which can accumulate and slow down your movement. These provide more protection than a basic groin/ab protector, but not so much that you can’t move freely from side to side.

You will get the most coverage of the lower abdominals, groin and hip flexors from the use of Full Groin/Ab/Hip Protectors. Because of their maximum coverage, these are best for professionals, due to the frequency of and potential damage you can receive from low blows. Unfortunately, this type of boxing protective gear with a complete, wrap-around padding can also inhibit movement slightly.

Overall, you want a design that offers protection, but doesn’t make it hard to bend at the waist or move laterally. You want as much coverage from your protective gear as possible while still being able to bend freely at the hips while ducking or blocking punches.

The second most important piece of boxing protective gear is training and amateur competition head gear. In many ways this comes down to personal preference, but both also have their own distinct benefits.

There are basically two styles: open face (without cheek protectors) or with cheek protectors.

An open face allows for greater peripheral vision and is less restrictive than ones with cheek protection. Because they provide less protection, many believe that leads to an increased focus on defensive technique.

Otherwise, the choice to go with the additional coverage you get from head gear with cheek protectors reduces impact to your nose and eye sockets. There is also less exposure to your mouth and the chance you would suffer a busted lip. Overall, head gear with cheek protectors has been proven to reduce the chance of cuts and bruises.

The type of protective gear you opt to use can have long term implications on your boxing career. The less you experience any type of injury or wear and tear on your body, the longer you can stay in the gym and perform at your athletic peak. Aside from your own ability to box, slip, move, and make your opponent miss, the TITLE Boxing protective gear you wear is the best second line of defense you have.


Most protectors are sized similarly to apparel, ranging from Youth Medium to Adult sizes. We have a size chart that will help you pick the best possible size for you.

Your headgear shouldn’t move around much nor should it squeeze too tight. We have a size chart you can follow and pick what you think works best for you.

Mexican style hand wraps have more elasticity, making them more flexible and contour better to your fist.

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