Get in the Fight for Fitness



The pessimistic mind says fitness goals await to be dropped. Why? It's actually quite understandable. The fight doesn't start again, it continues...

Throughout the year, especially this time of the year, we tend to write checks with our mouths that our bodies can't cash. They're sometimes called resolutions, sometimes called goals, and they usually end up in our mind's trash can, not quite as quickly as spam on our computers, but pretty close.

You make the initial investment physically. You're all in mentally. But somewhere before you get out of January you veer off schedule and never really get back into the fight. It's understandable. You don't get paid to workout. How many of those athletes you see with the incredible bodies and boundless energy would have 0% body fat if being in shape wasn't a prerequisite of their jobs?

It's kinda like when you get into high school and math becomes an "elective." I, for one, elected not to take it anymore. It wasn't in my "DNA," I told myself. But it doesn't mean it wouldn't have benefitted me if I forced myself to do it. If my son came to me and told me he wanted to drop math, I'd have a problem with it because I know that challenging yourself is beneficial.

The question then becomes, how do I get myself to do (and stick with) something that I know is good for me, but I don't have the time or necessarily will to do given life's demands?

The answer is as simple as "Do what an athlete does." Sports emulation. Aerobox and boxing for fitness has been in existence and influencing the fitness world, all over the globe, since 1991. And here's something you may already know: nothing is more convenient, efficient and effective for your body than the workout of a boxer. In most cases it requires very little or a minimal amount of equipment. Intense levels of shadow boxing... demanding rounds of jump rope... challenging levels of body sculpting, isometric and plyometric exercises. All powered by your own body, meaning 100% of the benefit is yours, not a machine's.

It all comes down to your teacher. What are her or his qualifications? Have they actually fought before? Sparred even? Or did they just get into it because they know how to lead an aerobics class? What you do in the ring, you do in real life. The fight, like life, defines character.

I call aerobox "the western hemisphere's martial art." But remember aerobox is boxing. It's just my name for it as it was taught to me through the millions of punches that have come my way. I look at punches as problems and you have to learn to deal with them. Some you have to accept, most you have to avoid. Just like life. Prevention is always better than the cure. If your teacher knows the discipline, boxing for fitness or Aerobox is a never-ending, consistently challenging, mind and body benefitting workout.

So, are you a fighter? Yes, I'll bet you are. That's why you're reading this. But sometimes you just have to force yourself to work out and just "answer the bell." Go through the motions until you catch fire. It WILL happen. The fight to feel great is never over. But above everything, if you enjoy what you do... If it teaches you something... If it takes you on a journey... If it complements your body and your intelligence... If the workout evolves with you, you will stick with the workout and get your greatest body, incredible energy and a stress coping mind for the rest of your life. In fact, you won't even look at it as a workout... With aerobox, or fitness boxing, "your future is in your hands".

It's Round 1, will you answer the bell?

This post was written by Michael Olajide, Jr.


Bio: Michael Olajide, Jr. was not only a successful, #1 ranked Middleweight throughout the 1980s, but is also the pioneer of boxing for fitness. After retiring from the sport in 1991, Michael was able to successfully transition what he had learned as fighter, in the ring and through his intense training routines, and apply it to the world of physical fitness. Michael also owns and operates AEROSPACE™ High Performance Center in New York City where he continues to lead his AERO workouts. He also trains a host of models and celebrities who aspire to be “fighting fit.”

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