“Hecho en Mexico” and Admired by Everyone


<h5 style="text-align: right;"><em>Reyes Boxing Gear</em></h5> <p>There are many famous names that have become synonymous with boxing; Ali, Louis, Robinson, Dempsey, but there’s another name that is immediately recognizable for participating in the sport….although in a much different way. The name Cleto Reyes has created its own image between the ropes, one that speaks about tradition, craftsmanship and quality, but holds a respected place much like the infamous fighters who’ve worn the gloves.</p> <p>Reyes Boxing has become known as much of a part of boxing as the fighters themselves, due in large part to its founder, Don Cleto Reyes Castro.</p> <p>Don Castro was born on April 26th, 1920 in Mexico City. Even though he was the youngest son in the family Don Cleto wanted to help provide for his family and early on went to work in a leather workshop, sewing baseball gloves.</p> <p>The school Don Cleto attended as a youngster was located right next to the Peralvillo Cozumel Arena, where boxing was often the feature attraction. Don Cleto was drawn to the larger-than-life boxers who fought there.</p> <p>As fate would have it, in 1938 the newspaper “La Aficion” published a notice to invite young people to participate in a tournament for “espontaneos” (a spectator who gets in the ring to fight.) Don Cleto jumped at the chance and consequently gave a rousing performance. His contest resulted in a shower of coins from the appreciative crowd. Although this experience helped him to decide against pursuing his boxing career further, Don Cleto walked away from the ring with a new determination. He was convinced that he could construct a better pair of gloves than the meager pair he had worn in his bout.</p> <p>After repairing the very same gloves he had defended himself with, his contribution to boxing began. With the knowledge, precision, and deep pride he had applied in the construction of baseball gloves, Don Cleto began putting his heart, soul and expertise into Cleto Reyes Boxing.</p> <p>Reyes Boxing Gloves were introduced to world championship boxing for the first time when, in April 1945, lightweight world champion Juan Zurita and Ike Williams battled-it-out for the NBA lightweight title. Although Mexican hero Zurita was ultimately stopped by Williams in the second round, Cleto Reyes has succeeded in going the distance and today, they are still the pro fight gloves of choice.</p> <p>Don Cleto Reyes Castro passed away on January 4, 1999, but his contribution to boxing is still felt and seen in nearly every major professional boxing event. Some of the sport’s greatest fighter’s fists have donned Reyes Pro Fight Gloves and have helped pound out a prominent place in boxing history for Cleto Reyes.</p> <p>Get your Cleto Reyes from TITLE Boxing <a href="" aria-label="here" title="here" role="link" tabindex="0">here</a>.</p>