By TITLE Boxing

How to Become a Better Fighter

If, when you’re not digging power shots into a heavy bag, you can be found with your head buried in your phone, there are still a few approaches to social media that can keep you on track and geared toward self-improvement.

YouTube: There’s something to be said for watching your favorite fighters, all-time classics and boxing’s greatest athletes in action. Spend some time studying the best in the business and you’re bound to pick up some pointers and tricks to add to your arsenal. By watching a fighter you relate to and want to be like, you will inherently pick up some of his nuances and mannerisms.

Facebook: Although it’s more “social” in nature and not geared so much toward education, Facebook still contains tons of information about your sport. It’s easy to find training tips to improve your game, inspirational quotes to keep you on track and even recipes that will help you eat healthier. Your time is better spent training, but if you’re going to be on it anyway, justify your entertainment by sprinkling an occasional search for answers.

Instagram: Human beings process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. That makes this a great source of information for everything from great boxing moves captured in a few seconds, to bite-sized motivational movies, to even studying-up on what the competition is doing.

Although the idea of using social media as a tool to reach your goals may sound like a good excuse for surfing the net and killing time, if you’re smart about it, you can use those valuable seconds wisely and actually become a better fighter from it.