Motivation is Made


Boxing Motivation Training

Many people see it as an intangible force that you either possess or you don't. The fact is, motivation is just like a muscle that can be developed and strengthened.

Although some people would like to chalk that bit of extra drive up to genetics, upbringing or being gifted with it, truth is, people who are motivated CHOOSE to be. So the question is, what makes them different? What makes them so determined? How did they get so focused and how are they able to achieve so much, so consistently?

First, they know what they want. Those highly-motivated individuals know what sparks their desire. They know what “floats their boat” and gets their blood rushing. Having a strong desire to achieve a specific goal creates a clear purpose. It helps make excuses seem less important and obstacles fall away. It clears a path for achievement. It’s pretty simple actually; if you’re not sure what you want, what your end result looks like, how can you expect to get it?

Second, they know what they have to do to achieve those results. There are typically no surprises here. Challenges, yes. Surprises, no. The higher the rewards, the bigger the sacrifice. From this knowledge, motivated individuals are able to spell out a clear and decisive plan of action. It's the path that has one result – success.

The final attribute for being motivated is building on strengths you already have. That’s not to suggest ignoring your weaknesses, but there’s definitely benefits to accentuating your strengths, especially mentally. Seeing improvement and making gains fuels the fire to do more. It makes an individual want to work harder, more consistently and just do better when they see that they are making strides.

A)     Knowing exactly what you want throughout your journey.

B)     Having a clear idea of how to get there (or surrounding yourself with trustworthy people who have a clear plan) and…

C)     Utilizing your strengths to realize your full potential.

You can bet these world champions got where they are by applying this type of motivational formula:

Being aware and conscious of your goals and desires, combined with those unconscious motives or emotions that drive you to succeed are the main building blocks to getting motivated, staying motivated and, ultimately, reaching your goals.