The History of Ring Card Girls



Not surprisingly, the tradition of having a Ring Card Girl originated in Las Vegas. The “Boxing Capital of the World” is also called “Sin City” for a reason, right?


Bill Miller, a promoter, came up with the idea of incorporating scantily-clad women in order to draw attention, add some “entertainment value” and to create a diversion away from the brutality of the event.


His weekly Tuesday night shows at the Hacienda Hotel, located on The Strip, were frequented by famous celebrities including Jerry Lewis, Milton Berle, Joe Louis, Billy Conn, Danny Thomas and countless others.


After The Ring Magazine featured the weekly Las Vegas fight cards – complete with pictures - in their May 1965 issue, the practice of having girls present rings cards between rounds took off and fight promotions around the country adopted the practice into their events

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Information compiled by Douglas Ward. Credit of infomation to various sources including Ring Magazine, Douglass Fischer and Oscar De La Hoya.