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FIGHTING Force Training Gloves

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WeightSizeHand Circumference
Up to 100 lbs8-12 oz.Up to 6″
101 - 150 lbs12-14 oz.6″ - 7½″
151 - 175 lbs14-16 oz.7¼″ - 8½″
over 175 lbs16 - 18 oz.8¼″ & Up″
*User should measure the circumference around their palm across the knuckles
  • Open cell foam padding built for hitting everything or everyone in the gym
  • Genuine Leather construction
  • Wrap-around wrist strap for full support and security

Made from an open cell foam padding and designed for the heaviest of hands, the FIGHTING Force Training gloves are built for longevity. Designed with a wraparound wrist and genuine leather, these gloves have a basic look with a premium feel. 

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