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From inside the gym to around the world of combat sports, the TITLE Boxing Blog keeps you up-to-date with the latest MMA and Boxing news, training tips and fighting techniques. This is the kind of info you need to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

After fighting as an amateur up until the age of twenty-one, Douglas Ward moved on to work in the boxing equipment industry, became a trainer, a fight manager and shares his passion for the sport of boxing at every opportunity. After spending over 30 years in various aspects of the fight game, he’s become an ongoing advocate for the sport and has touched nearly every aspect from corner to corner. After spending the past eleven years in the marketing arena, while running his own boxing company on the side, Douglas’ career has now come full circle, when he recently joined the Title Boxing Team as their Director of Marketing. This partnership creates the perfect combination of equipment design and development, historical insights and in-depth boxing training expertise. Douglas is also President of the Underground Boxing Company. Since its inception in 2002, the UBC has focused on preserving the integrity and respectability of the sport. The UBC serves a team of amateur and professional boxers through a comprehensive management/training system while striving to protect the financial, physical and spiritual well-being of its athletes. Douglas, the UBC and Title Boxing's FIGHTERS FIRST mentality is what the sport of boxing is all about. It is a philosophy they will continue to foster and promote.

  1. Fight Like a Girl

    Fight Like a Girl
    By Douglas Ward, Marketing Director at TITLE Boxing The Rise of Women Boxers Although the phrase fight like a girl has been used in a derogatory way in the past, there's value to doing just that. Just as they're the ferocious protectors of their young in the animal kingdom, women are just as as emotionally and physically wired for fighting...
  2. All the Rage - Jake "The Raging Bull" LaMotta

    All the Rage - Jake "The Raging Bull" LaMotta
    By Douglas Ward, Marketing Director at TITLE Boxing Who was The Raging Bull? The complexities that made Jake LaMotta such an interesting character, so much so that Martin Scorsese made the infamous film about his tumultuous life entitled, "Raging Bull," also made him one of the most dangerous fighters of his era. LaMotta learned how to fight at an early...
  3. Nothing to Fear, but Fear Itself - Understanding the Emotion

    By Douglas Ward, Marketing Director at TITLE Boxing Overcome Your Fear in Boxing Fear is something every fighter has had to deal with in his or her career.  Whether or not they will admit it, even the most intimidating, ferocious competitor has had to fight, forget, flee from or face their fear in the ring.  Its impact on performance and...
  4. Jump to It - The Art of the Jump Rope

    By Douglas Ward, Marketing Director at TITLE Boxing Why Do Boxers Jump Rope? Boxing and the outcome of a fight is not always determined by the big things you do in the gym, but sometimes it is the attention you give to the details that really make the difference.  One of those details is the jump rope.  Aside from the...
  5. Old Habits Die Hard

    By Douglas Ward, Marketing Director at TITLE Boxing How To Become A Better Fighter Although there are certainly life lessons and traditional rules of etiquette that apply to all situations, there are a handful of seemingly good habits that can work against you in the boxing ring.  What you do in life, how you conduct yourself day-to-day, doesn’t always mesh...

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