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TITLE Boxing Knuckle Donuts

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  • Donuts that can save your hands
  • Innovative design allows you to protect sore knuckles, individually
  • Circular-shape perfectly surrounds your knuckle, creating a protective wall to prevent further injury
  • Compact construction doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your wrap
Unlike other fist wraps or knuckle guards, these Knuckle Donuts have been designed to specifically target and protect each of your knuckles independently. They don’t just reduce impact with a soft foam or gel over the top of your fist, they eliminate it by creating a circular frame around any “tender” or injured knuckle. That frame and surrounding knuckles carry the burden until the sore knuckle can heal. Places the pressure on the areas AROUND the sore knuckle, taking all impact completely off the damaged joint. Sold in packages of four. Two single Knuckle Donuts and One Double to protect two injured areas at the same time.
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