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TITLE Boxing Limited Edition Tie Dye Bag Gloves

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WeightSizeHand Circum.
Up to 100 lbsYouth (Y), Small (S)6-10 oz.Up to 6″
101 - 150 lbsSmall (S), Medium (M),Regular (S/M)10-14 oz.6″ - 7½″
151 - 175 lbsMedium (M),Large (L), Large(L/XL)14-16 oz.7¼″ - 8½″
over 175 lbsLarge (L/XL), XL, XXL16 - 20 oz.8¼″ & Up″
*User should measure the circumference around their palm across the knuckles

· All synthetic leather construction

· Easy on/off wrap around wrist strap for full support

· D-ring closure for secure fit

We’re bringing that 70’s vibe to the gym with Tie Dye Bag Gloves. These gloves are synthetic with a traditional D-ring bag glove closure for more support and are easy to get on and off. Hurry, these are limited edition and stock won’t last long! 

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