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TITLE Boxing WBC Bag Gloves

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WeightSizeHand Circum.
Up to 100 lbsYouth (Y), Small (S)6-10 oz.Up to 6″
101 - 150 lbsSmall (S), Medium (M),Regular (S/M)10-14 oz.6″ - 7½″
151 - 175 lbsMedium (M),Large (L), Large(L/XL)14-16 oz.7¼″ - 8½″
over 175 lbsLarge (L/XL), XL, XXL16 - 20 oz.8¼″ & Up″
*User should measure the circumference around their palm across the knuckles
  • Built from genuine leather with double-stitched, welted seams and high quality, impact-absorbing rubber foam.
  • Unique foam designed to protect your knuckles every time you make contact
  • Officially licensed and approved by the World Boxing Council.

Honor one of the biggest organizations in boxing with a pair of handmade gloves designed after traditional Mexican patterns. The TITLE Boxing WBC Bag Gloves are made from genuine leather with a unique rubber foam that is tough enough to protect your hands allowing you to make contact with every throw.

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